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This is the memoir of my odyssey
through China in 1988.
The Cold War is still on.
The Berlin Wall still stands.
There is no World Wide Web.
Cell phones don’t exist.
I have just turned 21 years old.
I am alone.
I don’t know a word of Chinese.
I have $400 in travelers cheques, securely hidden along with my passport
in the zippered cloth belt
strapped around my waist.
All my belongings are in a small backpack.

Once I cross the border into China,
I step under the radar
and venture off the beaten path.
Over the course of two months
I will travel thousands of miles
through an enchanting land.
The story comes directly from
the journal I kept while there.
The people are real people.
The adventure happened as recorded.


If you want a vacation, go to Hawaii.
If you want an adventure, go to China.

Library Journal:

“Verdict: This title is a nice addition to women’s studies readings
as it chronicles the kind of travel undertaken with a tattered map
and the recommendations of students met on trains.”

Publisher’s Weekly:
“The author weaves bits into the narrative about
The Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong, and The Red Guards…
offering insights from an outsider’s perspective.”

James Carter, Ph.D., Saint Joseph’s University:
“… this book would be immensely appealing
to college students and travelers…
where it really excels is in the portrait of
young people exploring the world and themselves.”